Trusting your service company

Focus groups, in-person interviews, and phone interviews took place to determine how a service company can convey trust. ?

Customers’ opinions about words, phrases, and ideas were gathered to help our client craft a statement that represents its values in a positive way that customers support. ?


Acquiring a new company

Quantitative research was conducted to get an understanding of how existing, former, and prospective customers perceived the acquisition of a company. ?

Results can help the company determine how to position the two brands. ?


Television service messaging research

By using an online survey, opinions were gathered from customers and prospect customers to determine the most effective messaging for a new service. ?

By utilizing this quantitative approach, we are able to determine what messaging most influences customers to switch their service or provider.


Improving a Publisher's Brand

Through a quantitative approach of a nationwide survey, feedback was received from both customers and prospect customers to better understand their needs, goals, and roadblocks. ?By collecting this data, a pattern is formulated, and the company can design its products to support customers while they are achieving their goals. ?

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